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Market Entry for Foreign Investors and Opportunities for Vietnamese Companies - eSpace x Domicile x CEEC

Trang chủ | Event (14/10/2020)

Planning to expand your market share in the upcoming times? Or seeking useful insights in COVID-19 time for your business to achieve market success?

Join this interactive seminar to understand how can foreign investors take advantage of the Vietnamese market in these challenging times, examine the most efficient market entry models tailored for your needs and get practical insights on how your business can leverage existing capabilities and resources to achieve market success. Topics in the presentation will cover market entry models and practical advice, important lessons, requirements and processes involved in running a business in Vietnam and how to streamline your company’s resources to achieve and maintain success. We are very honored to have CEEC - Central Eastern European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam to Co-host this seminar.

Introducing Presentation Speaker:
Matthew Lourey – Managing Partner, Domicile Coroperate Services

Matthew is a qualified accountant who has resided in Vietnam for more than 15 years. Matthew leads Domicile Corporate Services, which provides market entry, corporate advisory, compliance and tax advisory to foreign investors in Vietnam. He has extensive experience working in Australia for Big 4 accounting firms and investment funds, and since Matthew relocated to Vietnam, he has spent much of his time advising foreign investors on successfully undertaking business in Vietnam, corporate investment transactions, market entry and corporate finance.

Time: 18h-19h on Thursday, October.22.2020
Presentation Time: 40 minutes, plus 20 minutes for panel discussion + Q&A
Location: eSpace Coworking - 3rd floor of Savina building, No. 1 Dinh Le
Register now to reserve your seat: https://bit.ly/3doaOmS


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