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Comprehensive & customized office solution at the center of Hanoi

From our prestigious business address to our modern facilities at the city’s center, eSpace offers
some of the best office space for rent. At eSpace, we nourish pure passion from the local culture to innovative meaningful spaces for teams and individuals to flourish holistically, intellectually & introperspectively. With our wholeheartedly dedicated team of expert designers, space curators and office admin managers, we offer customized office space renovation to solve operational business needs. We also take community service to the next level as eSpace is a home – where strangers meet up and become friends, partners, family where open equitable conversations are indoor, collaborative innovations are highly cultivated with various disciplines. Whether you have a team of 2 persons or 30 persons, we have the right office solution for you.”

Why Co-Working for Enterprise

From reduced operational costs for the budget-conscious entrepreneurs and freelancers to optimal networking capabilities, Coworking for Enterprise is extremely appealing that the essence of collaborative cultures is cultivated with a consistent flow of new ideas, peoples and opportunities. At eSpace, we opt for a customized service office in Vietnam that provides enterprises with numerous merits.”


  • Commit to flexible lease terms and office solutions that work for you
  • Upsize and right-size your space so as to evolve your business needs.


  • Tap on our economics of scale for office setup procurement
  • Save cost by renting only the spaces you need and tap onto our communal facilities


  • Collaborate with our design team to personify your physical and branding requirements.
  • Enjoy a flexible, inquisitive and technologically enhanced workspace.


  • Engage in curated and sheer diversity of events.
  • Establish your business partnerships and professional network with a community that spans key cities in various countries.

Case Study 1: A rising Fintech startup

A rising Fintech startup with young & talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers, pursuing a groundbreaking idea that empowers financial institutions to serve more & serve better. 


  • As a typical startup, their team is expanding significantly in short period of time

  • The startup is calling for fund and need a professional office
  • The young startup is focusing on product and is not equipped to deal with admin work.


  • Having office in eSpace, any added members will always have their own work station
  • The elegantly designed office of eSpace have reaffirmed the professionalism of the startup to investors, helping them get the funding process easier and faster.
  • The startup has received direct in-house admin support from the dedicated team of eSpace.

Case Study 2: An International Law Firm

A German Law firm, which is a cooperating partner in the international alliance WTS Global, serves clients from large European & US companies, provides business & management advisory services, project management, etc…


  • A very humble team size in Hanoi (only 1-2 person), while the firm often handle massive projects that require reliable office service.
  • Small team size makes it difficult to uplift office vibe at some period.
  • Office administration is substantially under-resourced.


  • eSpace offers a professional and round the clock office services and support, which is a foundation for the firm to thrive. Besides, a central location helps a lot for the team to conveniently commute to government offices during peak time.
  • The friendly coworking vibe in eSpace which promote sharing among professional community really help small team to mix in, have joy and uplift their working ambience even when their team is only 1 or 2 person.
  • Some of their admin work is delicately taken care by eSpace reception team.

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