Our Story

At eSpace, we strongly believe that we can build a community to work together, have fun, share and grow together. That is the reason why we encourage every single member to connect with another, express their ideas, share their passions, and forge collaborations. Such contributions can take place anytime at anywhere – be it in the chillout spaces, pantry areas or at our regular events. Whenever it is, each member has the opportunity to strike conversations, expand their network and potential business possibilities together because we are a community and we all want to grow together.


Community Stories

eSpace is designed to promote creativities, nurture community and share ideas. eSpace gives every single entrepreneurial-spirit member of it opportunities to freely develop in a collaborative environment – where startups, freelancer, enterprises of all size can share, collaborate and grow together. Join us on some of the member’s stories to see how they have evolved with the eSpace community.

A special partnership with SVF

Pham Duy Hieu - CEO of SVF believes that the community is a place for people to grow and develop - where you may be surprised at opportunities you have never thought of, meeting interesting people you have never met. At eSpace community, SVF is connected, shared and collaborated to open potential and valuable opportunities.

WISE powered by eSpace

Tu Thu Hien - CEO at WISE thinks it is essential to create and leverage the power of the community to bring incredible opportunities. All exchanges and sharing are for the sake of getting better together.


At eSpace, we believe activity is what fuel energy for all members

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A professional working enviroment with entrepreneurial spirit !